Saturday, July 13, 2013

School board competition coming?

Halfway through filing,  we have exactly one candidate signed up for each of the six Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board district seats.

Surely that will change in the coming week.  Uncontested school board races are a rarity.  Four years ago,  five of the six district races had competition,  with District 3 pulling nine candidates.  In 2011,  14 people signed up for the three at-large seats.

Let me apologize in advance for temporarily ignoring anyone who files next week. I'll be off and will catch up on the race when I return July 22.

A couple of leave-behinds for all that free time you'll have without reading my blog:  First, I almost overlooked this interesting report from the N&O's Lynn Bonner on the state Board of Education trying to figure out the best way to use the new state exams.  Many of us will be eager to see what they come up with in August.

Second, I just stumbled across an entertaining self-parody by some Teach For America cadets,  called "S*it TFAers Say"  (thanks to ed blogger Alexander Russo for sharing it).  A few phrases baffled me,  but anyone who spends time around educators will surely get a few good chuckles of recognition.  As Russo notes,  the video "reveals an admirable level of self-awareness."  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Maybe potential school board candidates whose philosophical ideas are different from those now occupying the offices have simply given up on CMS, much like Cooksey and Dulin seem to have given up on the city council. Why fight for what you believe in, when you are doomed from the get-go! Just look at how the CO relentlessly batters the governor and both legislative bodies, not just through their editorial coverage but also through story placement, the slanted wording of headlines, the angles they choose to cover. And look at the commenters--the same half dozen ultra liberals saying the same thing over and over to each other day after day. All must love the state we are in since the far lefties seem he!! bent on continuing to dance --or dancing again--with those what brung us.

Anonymous said...

The Last Waltz for Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

Or it could be strategically planned to let the lazy current board folks to think nobody is going to contest their seats? This week you can count on a few folks throwing their hats in the ring. The folks who closed schools and hired Heath should be in for some fun times ! The can will be opened and the CO should employ more than one reporter ? Ann you should ask project Lift for a iPad for heaven sakes.

Ann Doss Helms said...

I have an iPad, thanks! But I'd certainly take another education reporter. I tried to lure Eric Frazier back, but he ran off to the business department. :-)

Anonymous said...

I fear the really good people who could make a difference in this county with taking over the school board have better things to do than to be political targets of the Charlotte Observer editorial staff. They are experts in character assassination and inciting the government dependents, the low information voters.

Maybe everyone is willing to watch this school system go into the sewer. You see already how out of whack it is with the demographics of this county. You see already the high level of FRL fraud that no one seems to care about. Just another sign of the degeneration of this county, its politicians and the addicted government dependents.

Addicts never know they are down the wrong path.

Anonymous said...

Pay Teachers a decent wage and bring back their benefits!

Common Goal for a Common Core

Anonymous said...

With the atmosphere in Mecklenburg County focusing on Race based instead of Student and child based education, many have given up. When it is more important to support the next best wave of your personal friend's program instead of teaching the basics and insuring that every child receives a basic, sound education every day...nothing will change. Parents need to take control and support teachers as opposed to complaining to the administrators in charge....they ARE the problem!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann. I just watch the Youtube clip about the "tfaers". I didn't think it was possible to hate Teach For America any more than I already do but you have proved me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think they can improve CMS being a rep from the north or south regions of Meck county? The districts are rigged to ensure the entrenched continue as is.

Anonymous said...

How I miss Charlotte's absurdist theater good old days (seasons 2004 - 2009). CMS TV every other Tuesday night at 6:00 curled up with a bowl of Fruit Loops and a liberal glass of chardonnay. A Top 10 nationally ranked school board starring Vilma, Larry, Molly, Coach, George, The Reverend, The Hamburgler and later joined by The Pandering Dunderhead. What a cast of characters. "Is anybody listening? Does anybody care?". And I suppose all good things must come to an end. Amen.

Stayed tuned to next week's County Commissioner meeting.

CMS School Board 2013? Sanity, Stability, Staying the Course (SSS in educational acronym speak). That's how I'm voting.


Anonymous said...

Christine in 2013!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mast will hold CMS accountable without question. I commend her for being willing to come forward to fix the train which is off the tracks. She is more knowledgable of the budget than most at CMS. Maybe she can reduce the waste so we can get teachers a raise? I am willing to vote that way to see.

Anonymous said...

Stop the whip upon the mule.

The state is voting to stop the Masters pay for teachers starting in 2014.

Loss of Bonus (Promised but NEVER PAID)

Loss of Dental
Loss of Vision
Loss of 80/20 Healthcare
Loss of paid continuing education units
Loss of steps on salary and retirement

Now Loss of Salary for Education Earned

Common Goal for a Common Core

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stepping up Christine. I hope some of these candidates are as interested in establishing some integrity for CMS BOE. It would be sad to hear a lone voice of reason in this chaos.

Wiley Coyote said...

VOTE NO! on CMS Bonds in November and against any candidate that supports them.

Until CMS gets its act together, re-opening schools that were closed and building four new ones is asinine.