Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CMS afternoon meeting is a go

Despite icy roads, the school board is moving ahead with its snow-schedule 2 p.m. meeting today, Superintendent Peter Gorman says. As everyone probably knows by now, this is the one where he'll lay out plans for about $100 million in possible cuts to the 2011 budget.

Eric Frazier and I have both made it in and will be posting live updates to this blog.

Still to be seen is how many board members, signed-up speakers and interested audience members can navigate the streets and break away for the earlier time (the normal 6 p.m. time would have meant more driving after dark, when the ice could be even worse). If you're having a snow day at home, it'll be aired live on CMS-TV Cable 3.

The agenda and some background material is available here. Details of Gorman's budget plan are not being released in advance; a link should be posted shortly after the meeting begins.

You can also get video of the meeting here. Normally it's available after the meeting, but CMS folks are hoping they can get it to stream live today.


Anonymous said...

Microsoft streaming only?

Anonymous said...

Why not released in advance - more of his typical "transparency"??

KayStarKindler said...

Re: "Return of investment"

Go Tom Tate!