Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Atlanta superintendent finalists have CMS history

The troubled Atlanta school system last night named three finalists for the superintendent's job, and two have a history with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

Cheryl Atkinson, who's currently leading the city school system in Lorain, Ohio, graduated from Garinger High and did a stint in the upper levels of CMS administration from 2003 to 2006. She was recently a finalist for the CEO's job in Cleveland.

Barbara Jenkins, deputy superintendent in Orange County, Fla., spent some time leading human resources for CMS. She's a graduate of the Broad Superintendents Academy, which trains and places leaders in urban districts.

Atlanta is just one of several urban districts seeking a new leader -- a pack CMS officially joins tonight, when the school board meets to start planning to replace Peter Gorman. Anyone can come (6 p.m. at the Government Center, 600 E. Fourth St.), but you'll probably just end up hanging out with reporters while the board discusses an interim in closed session.

And CMS alumni are making their presence known in the big leadership shuffle. The last three years have seen former Deputy Superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green go to Guilford County; former Chief Academic Officer Ruth Perez take over a suburban Los Angeles district; and Chief Accountability Officer Jonathan Raymond named superintendent in Sacramento, Calif.. Most recently, Raymond's successor, Robert Avossa, was hired to lead Fulton County Schools just outside Atlanta.


Wiley Coyote said...

This reminds me of my brother when we were little playing cards.

He couldn't do a regular shuffle with two somewhat equal stacks so he would just spread the cards all around in a circle over and over again.

In the end, we still had the same 52 cards in the deck.

Same thing with public education.

Take some "troubled school system" and replace the former leader with one of like kind from another "troubled school system".

I wonder what educrat we'll get to lead our newly crowned "troubled school system".

Anonymous said...

REALLY, I seriously hope this is just a rumor. Barb Jenkins???? HR specialist......WOW...Ann clark ot Bill Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Word must be getting out that in Char/Meck there have indeed been some successes in running a large, challenged, urban school district here during the last few years.