Monday, August 22, 2011

No after-practice bus rides for preK-8 student-athletes

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials this morning clarified a point they made last week about transportation at the eight new preK-8 campuses: student athletes at those schools will get bus rides to the middle schools where they will play sports, but they won't get transportation back to their home school. The new preK-8 schools won't have athletics on their own campuses, but parents at the new schools made it clear they want their middle schoolers to have the same sports opportunities as kids at "regular" middle schools. So CMS has paired the preK-8 schools with "regular" middle schools for athletics, allowing middle schoolers from the new campuses to participate in sports at their paired schools.

At last week's press briefing, transportation director Carol Stamper pointed out that the district will give preK-8 athletes bus rides to their paired middle school for tryouts, practices and games, but CMS won't give them bus rides back to their home campus. (A handout CMS provided reporters at the meeting said transportation back to the home schools would be provided, but CMS officials today say that was in error).

The paired schools look like this:

Ashley Park and Bruns Avenue -- Sedgefield
Berryhill and Reid Park -- Kennedy
Druid Hills and Byers -- Eastway
Thomasboro and Westerly Hills -- Coulwood


Wiley Coyote said...

Why should taxpayers be spending money to transport them at all?

Middle school sports was dead until ressurected by a couple of BOE members and parents who wanted the programs.

They should be paying for transportation or providing it themselves.

Pamela Grundy said...

CMS has stuck these pre-K-8 kids at schools with fewer opportunities than at regular middle schools. The system has an obligation to provide equal access to those opportunities. If there are going to be middle school sports, CMS can't provide them at some students' schools and require other students to find their own transportation in order to participate.

Wiley Coyote said...

The system has an obligation to fund sports and transportation for ALL students and stop this pay to play scheme, otherwise eliminate all sports.

Anonymous said...

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