Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School board candidate filed on time

Hans Plotseneder, one of the many candidates running for the school board, takes issue with a story of ours from last week which identified him as one of several candidates who failed to file their financial disclosure reports on time. He said he sent his campaign finance disclosure report to election officials in Raleigh via e-mail before the July 29 deadline expired. A signed copy dated July 29 was sent by regular mail to the Mecklenburg elections board, he said. Mecklenburg officials said that is correct, though they stamped it as having been received on Aug. 2, which appears to be when the mailed copy arrived at their offices. A clerk at the office said Plotseneder was in compliance with disclosure rules.


Anonymous said...

Good, I like this guy. I wish him luck.

BolynMcClung said...


Election Board wrong!

Several weeks ago I called the Election Board office to ask how many At-Large School Board candidates I could vote for on my ballot. The clerk's answer was "Four." I asked to check that. She came back with the correct answer, "Three."

Probably nothing wrong at the Board of Elections that a little training won't cure: Lets do it.

Bolyn McClung

Anonymous said...

If this story had involved CMS instead of the Board of Elections you can bet that the headline would have read "CMS Wrong".

Anonymous said...

Bolyn, I have worked for the Board of Elections. A little training? No, a complete cleanout is needed and some sense of fairness needs to be instituted. They refuse to investigate voter fraud. They ruled in favor of Vilma when they had her on falsifying her address.

Anonymous said...

The Mecklenburg Co. Elections office is clearly an extension of the Democrat Party. 100% of the folks working there are in allegiance with Democrats and want voting to be as loose as possible. The Democrat party is the refuge of those who value politics over merit...there are certain places where Democrats can slip people into positions under the radar and this is one of them. HHS is another (ask Harry about Foxx's wife). Some agencies act like they are doing you a HUGE favor by acknowledging you and this is one of them. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a government work with a condescending attitude who doesn't want to do their job...but received their job because of a "friendly" connection.

Anonymous said...

How many remember Bill Culp, head of the election board from the 70's through the late 90's until it discovered that he was a crook--had been taking kickbacks from vendors and costing the county a bundle. You can follow the story from this link--http://www.ncvoter.net/culpscandal.html

Start at the bottom to see how he is loved by the democrats (Parks Helms was a big supporter) and exactly who first brought up the possibility of wrongdoing at the election board (one of the Observer's favorite commissioners).

The story changes very quickly within a years time, from Bill Culp complaining about being harrassed by Republicans (first story written by Taylor Batten in 1997), to him resigning because he didn't like the "divisive politics"; to him becoming a consultant for the elections board; to the discovery that he had been cheating the county and its taxpayers; and then it was off to jail.

The stories say that the Observer examined records and discovered the kickbacks, but I remember the editorial page staunchly defending Bill Culp and criticizing Bill James for defaming him before the truth came out. I also seem to recall that Bill Culp was the neighbor of someone on the editorial board--not positive about that but pretty sure.

Anyway, if you have time read the whole sorry scenario and watch how the reporters' descriptions of Culp gradually change, from nice guy to crook.

Also note that the county commission voted to restore his county health benefits after he was released from prison. His champion--Parks Helms of course.

Almost makes some of the goings on today seem rank amateurish.

Wiley Coyote said...

Parks Helms also supported Jim Black.

The same Parks Helms who resigned from the ABC Board yet said he did nothing wrong.

The same Parks Helms who at least once in his life had people in the County tell him to shove it - and won - over the road to the Whitewater Center (which stills owes Mecklenburg taxpayers $7 million dollars Helms voted to give them).

Anonymous said...

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