Thursday, December 22, 2011

CMS is state's No. 8 employer

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is North Carolina's eighth-largest employer,  down from seventh in 2002,  the Triangle Business Journal reports.  The 2011 list puts CMS just ahead of Wake County Schools,  even though Wake has more students.

Spokeswoman Tahira Stalberte says CMS has 18,120 employees this school year, including 8,890 full-time teachers. (Interim Superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh and former school board Chair Eric Davis have both told public groups this month that CMS has 9,300 teachers; I couldn't get an immediate explanation for the 400-teacher gain.)

Public bodies hold four of the top nine spots on the N.C. employer list, with state and federal governments in the No. 1 and 2 spots, respectively.  Charlotte's Carolinas Medical Center is fifth -- up from No. 9 on the old list.


DistrictSix said...

Why oh why did I ever get a job in the private sector?

The golden land exists in Government work.

Anybody notice the recent health care for life, story?

And yet we see so many people, burned out, and just drifting through the day in Government work.

But like Night Of the Living Dead, even the productive members become one with the group.

Anonymous said...

Scary that one of the largest "corporations" in the state is also one of the least successful.
Like District 6 says, why would anyone go into the private sector anymore?

Wiley Coyote said...

...another example of the fact CMS has no clue about anything.

None of their numbers EVER add up.

We've seen it in the last two out of three articles Ann has written.

Anonymous said...

District 6--

I'd be interested in the answer to your question. Why did you choose to go into the private sector rather then education?

Anonymous said...

So only 50% or so of CMS employees are teachers, your front line mission! Oh silly me, CMS is just a social services delivery machine anyway.

DistrictSix said...

Just dumb I guess.

Anonymous said...

How foolish of you Ann for thinking Hugh or Eric (Peter Jr.) has a clue about a fact from CMS data. Hugh always say he does not know exactly and Eric still thinks Harding suspension numbers are in line. Complete idiots the both of them !

Anonymous said...

In systems of efficiency a primary goal is to minimize overhead costs. Seeing how CMS keeps schools operating leads one to wonder, how? Janitors and maintenance workers keep schools open. Then assistant crew chiefs, area leaders, crew chiefs, assistant supervisors, supervisors, engineers and senior engineers support the operation. There is both an internet service request system and an office to receive calls for service with coordinators, managers, administrative and senior administrative staff, multiple directors and a senior level director. Business could not survive with this overhead. Streamlining management overhead with a facility management company would increase efficiency and returns to the taxpayer. Why has CMS contracted management of building schools for so many years? Proven efficiency! Where the numbers come does make a difference.