Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heath Morrison entry tour

Heath Morrison, who starts as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools superintendent July 1, is in town for house-hunting and meetings with key players. Who made the cut? Here's the schedule CMS provided, with some titles and connections added.

10:27 am Arrive in Charlotte
12:00 pm Meeting with LaTarzja Henry (head of communications)
1:00 pm School visit at Dilworth Elementary
2:15 pm Principal Interview
2:30 pm Meeting with Ann Clark (chief academic officer)
3:30 pm Videotaping for Teachers for Excellence
4:00 pm Meeting with Ericka Ellis-Stewart and Mary McCray (school board chair and vice chair)
6:00 pm Dinner with Tyler Ream (area superintendent in charge of Title I elementary schools)

7:30 am Meeting with Hugh Hattabaugh (interim superintendent)
8:30 am School visits at Metro and Morgan
10:00 am Meeting with Harry Jones (county manager)
11:00 am School visit at First Ward
12:30 pm Meeting with Observer Editorial Board
2:00 pm Meeting with Cabinet members
5:00 pm Meeting with Mike Raible (school planning official)
6:00 pm Dinner appointment

7:50 am Meeting with Michael DeVaul (YMCA)
10:00 am Meeting with Harold Dixon (PTA Council President)
11:00 am Meeting with Natalie English (Chamber of Commerce)
1:00 pm Meeting with Bill Anderson (Meck Ed)
2:30 pm Meeting with Scott McCully (student placement director)
3:30 pm Meeting with Dan Habrat (HR chief, tentative)

All day house hunting with family

7:35 am Flight back to Reno


Anonymous said...

Pssst, there are schools north of Charlotte. They're part of something called District 1.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if the north or south suburb population can get any ear from Morrison.

Anonymous said...

First Ward, Metro, Morgan, and Dilworth plus the usual suspects. If this was Casablanca, Sunday would be time for escape.

Anonymous said...

I bet you Vilma's flower that the 6 pm dinner appointment tomorrow is with Peter Gorman.

BolynMcClung said...


……….It’s the one with Tyler Ream and Dr. Morrison.

That Title I elementary district is what first got the NAACP’s attention 2 years ago. Is it the right thing to do or is it segregation? No one has yet to figure it out. But a lot of people have to come together on this.

The must question is: Is running that district in way that doesn’t have to be distracted by providing a different brand of education for non-Title I students more beneficial to EDS students than busing the district to achieve some sort of racial balance?

This is the nuclear center of the Urban versus Suburban conflict.

Bolyn McClung

Anonymous said...

Ann, what was the Principal interview?

Ann Doss Helms said...

I haven't got any more specifics than I've posted. I asked about the mystery dinner but PIO said they didn't know.

Interesting theory, 6:13. Morrison says he admires Gorman and considers him a valuable colleague, but he also says they talked before Morrison took this job and Gorman told him "I don't want you to ever think I'm looking over your shoulder."

BolynMcClung said...


....Both men are about the same height. So, maybe they see "Eye to Eye.

Bolyn McClung

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is now Heath will probably go through all the same things Pete did and once again, in 5 years, or so, CMS will be further down the tubes. If you believe anything that Pete has put in place has done any good, you refuse to look at facts and see reality.

Bottom line, stop doing all these fluffy things for the national acclaim and get back to basics, discipline, hard work demanded, undying teacher support, and be a leader and coach for the teachers. Clear out downtown. Find some way to cull out those things that do not directly support teachers' success. Focus on teachers' success and the student achievement will come.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...step one, take some time to listen.
Morrison will take first 90 days to listen to everyone (to find his allies). nice.

Anonymous said...

Bolyn, good thinking, but it doesn't matter what Morrison thinks on this, it is what the board will push that is important. Tate already talking about diversity and student assignment. Richard is for busing and the three stooges will certainly hold up their end of the bargain to provide it.

Wiley Coyote said...

Typical, status quo schedule.

With the Observer being part of the meet 'n greet, that pretty much tells it all right there.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain when things were "good" in this district? Those who keep saying that Gorman made things so much worse--exactly when were things better? Under which superintendent would that be?

Anonymous said...

Hello? Any schools worth Dr. M's time in District 6? Is Peter Gorman's kid attending District 5 South Meck. High next year as he publicly stated she would 6 years ago? Nice South Meck. has the highest paid principal in CMS who has remained stable at the school since the beginning of Gorman's arrival and departure.

Morrison? I'd speculate a white politically correct District 5 housing purchase for his children as well.

Anonymous said...

Which CMS school had the highest principal turnover rate in the past 6 years? Keeping in mind that elementary school is a 6 year and high school a 4 year gig.

Endhaven Elementary in District 6 had 3 or 4 principals the first 4 years the school was open. It had 2 assistant principals the 1st year it opened. I lost track of school boundary changes.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible the average CMS principal turnover rate is higher than the average CMS superintendent turnover rate?

Can anyone answer this question?

Anonymous said...

Memo from District 6:

Many of us refuse to bash Project LIFT. In fact, we pray for stability and continuity at Project LIFT schools because we know first hand the importance of stability and continuity in children's lives.

Truth Seeker said...

How often do the zone superintendents turnover? We are on number 5 in five years.

Anonymous said...

Not enough. Zone supt turnover should be 100% and do not replace them.