Monday, November 12, 2012

Youth vote for leadership and food

Almost 100,000 Mecklenburg students cast ballots in the Kids Voting mock election this year. Like real voters in this county, they gave President Obama a wide margin over Mitt Romney and Pat McCrory the slenderest of victories over Walter Dalton for governor.  The kids liked the Libertarian candidates more than their adult counterparts,  though.

The most interesting part was their take on questions posed by local officials.  Students who voted are strongly in favor of city/county consolidation (61 percent).  Many want county commissioners to use any extra money to improve services for people in need (48 percent),  though tax cuts followed with 23 percent.

As Superintendent Heath Morrison ponders broadening the educational options in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, he asked the youth to weigh in.  Chief of Staff Earnest Winston says the three questions submitted by CMS reflect some early discussions about additions to the public-school menu.

When asked about their favorite option for a new magnet program, "leadership" was the most popular (26 percent), followed by "museum" (20 percent) and "broadcast/communication"  (18 percent).  The "residential" option was a definite last place with 7 percent,  though it's hard to say whether students didn't like the idea of a public boarding school or just didn't know what the unfamiliar term meant.

The career/tech program that got the most votes was culinary (25 percent),  followed by cosmetology and construction (20 percent each).  And when asked what they need most in the classroom,  technology topped the list of four options with a hefty 52 percent  (there was nothing about teachers on the list).

The results aren't binding,  of course,  but Winston says Morrison will look at them.  "Engaging students is nothing new for us,  but Dr. Morrison has placed a greater emphasis on that,"  he said.  "We want to engage them in the conversation about their education."

I'm seeing partnership potential here.  The Observer has quite a bit of free space these days,  including an inactive cafeteria.  I've tasted the output of East Meck's culinary arts program,  and feel confident that our staff would provide eager taste-testers if CMS wanted to locate a culinary/communications magnet here.  For that matter, we could turn one room into a dorm,  add the residential component and help staff those pesky night and weekend shifts.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if they voted for EES or Kojo Jr?

Anonymous said...

10:10, same person.

Anonymous said...

The CO building would never pass the county's health codes, safety codes, etc. for a residential facility. Ask any church that has looked at just the state's codes to have a daytime (7 to 6) daycare for working parents.

Anonymous said...

Morrison , these kids could teach you alot thats correct. Your overpaid and add no value to the CMS system. Why on earth the chamber hired you I shall never know. You suck up to the minority groups and have done zilch since you have arrived. Such a terrible decision by the board to bring you on for such a KEY job with our students.

Anonymous said...

Leadership Magnet:

I heard the former head of the CIA might be looking for an opening at Marie G. Davis.

What's up with videographers and biographers in Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

The problem with the residential component is the lawsuits that would follow. Come on folks CMS is not trusted or a positive functioning member of our community. People would actually consider letting their kids stay on a campus with ZERO security. Our crime rate would go up another 5% Rodney.