Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little money in school board race so far

Eric Davis,  who's seeking re-election as the District 5 representative to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board,  has the fund-raising lead by a long shot in the early financial reports that were due Friday.  As of June 30,  Davis reported he had raised just under $7,700,  including $500 from former N.C. Board of Education Chairman Howard Haworth;  $500 from John Belk,  president of Belk Inc.;  $250 from current state Board of Education member John Tate;  and $500 each from Anna Nelson of the C.D. Spangler Foundation,  co-chair of Project LIFT,  and her husband Tom Nelson.

Davis'  mid-year tally falls far short of the $27,767 he had at the same point in 2009,  as he was gearing up his first political campaign.  He said Tuesday he now has $15,000 lined up.  "I intend to run as vigorous and successful a campaign as I did in 2009,"  he said.

But it's definitely a different scenario this time,  with five of six incumbents seeking re-election.  Four years ago five of six elected incumbents had either decided not to run or resigned to become county commissioners,  clearing the way for a five-member majority of newcomers to be elected.

Thelma Byers-Bailey,  seeking the D2 seat,  is the only other candidate who filed a report disclosing fund-raising before June 30.  She reports having $2,755 as of that date,  including $675 from herself and smaller contributions from a number of donors.

Davis' D5 challenger,  Edward Donaldson,  is one of two candidates who filed statements saying they don't intend to raise or spend more than $1,000,  which frees them from having to file additional reports. The other is Doug Wrona,  one of three D6 candidates.

None of the other incumbents  --  Rhonda Lennon in D1,  Richard McElrath in D2, unchallenged Joyce Waddell in D3 and Tom Tate in D4 -- has filed a midyear finance report,  an indicator that they hadn't started their fund-raising by June 30.  McElrath and Tate haven't even filed organization papers to create a campaign committee.

Likewise,  candidates Queen Elizabeth Thompson in D4 and Bolyn McClung in D6 have yet to file organizing reports.  Paul Bailey,  the third D6 candidate,  reports giving his campaign a $500 start-up loan.  Christine Mast in D1 reports having $160,  including $100 from herself.

Longtime Elections Director Michael Dickerson says it's not unusual to see a slow start to school board campaigns.  The nonpartisan race has no primary before the Nov. 5 election,  and tends to be overshadowed by city races until the Sept. 10 primary is over.


Anonymous said...

No surprising Davis is leading with his CMS sponsored Chamber trip to NY he did alot of selling. The support by the Spangler/LIFT folks for his vote should be a question. Vouchers for ALL !

Wiley Coyote said...

The only money to be concerned about in this election is to vote down any CMS bond referendum that rears its ugly head on the ballot in November.

Vote against any candidate who supports them.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone give any money to a CMS BOE campaign?

Anonymous said...

10:45 : So that work can be sent your way in the future by that BOE representative that is lobbying behind closed doors for you as a donor. That is why a donation would be made to a potential BOE candidate. Davis basically created LIFT by chairing the board that closed the schools. Leading to NAACP marches on CMS.

Wiley Coyote said...


I don't care one way ot the other about Davis, but being Chair when the schools were close was happenstance.

Those schools needed to be closed at the time and I don't believe we need to open any of them back up.

Anonymous said...

Oakhurst did not need to be closed and I believe it was not on the original list. It did not fit the criteria they announced. That school and those students were screwed.

But please continue with generalizations and absolutes.

Anonymous said...

Fact they are now trying to re-open Oakhurst so its been viewed as a screw up. They will let that fall on Petey so no issue. Point of the article Eric Davis does not support his district just his downtown influencers. Read the campaign finance reports to make the connections. He is not the only ones see how much the Morgans raise for Rhonda so Timmy has a dual vote in coming years.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately nobody cares about CMS anymore. No way are bonds going to pass. The BOE has made a mockery of education in the area and people have written it off finally. Its terrible yes, but a fact folks are sick of the mess. Real change wont happen until the outside influences remain outside. Lower my taxs and issue vouchers.

Anonymous said...

Pay the Teachers and bring back their benefits !


Wiley Coyote said...

Oakhurst has been closed this long, it can stay closed.

CMS also wants to build 4 new schools. Why? Enrollment hasn;t increased that much.

If we build new schools, close older ones.

Anonymous said...

Break up CMS.
North, Center, South.
If it is so big it needs area superintendents then it should be broken up for more local control.