Friday, June 6, 2014

CMS school demographics are here

Yes, the school year is almost over, but you can finally see the racial breakdowns for Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.

After requesting the numbers all year,  I got a link to the raw numbers in mid-May and finally found time to calculate and map percentages. Click here to see the results for all schools.

These numbers normally come out in October but were delayed by persistent problems with the state's new PowerSchool data system.  There are no dramatic changes from previous years.  As noted before,  the district is now 41.2 percent black,  30.8 percent white,  19.4 percent Hispanic and 5.5 percent Asian.

Look for a story Monday with more analysis.


Wiley Coyote said...

The new data shows 142,990 students for 2013/14.

2012/13 total students was 142,612.

So CMS had only an increase of 378students versus YAgo?

How much more money are they asking for again? Refresh my memory. It's become muddled with all the numbers floating around.

Since 2011/2012, CMS has lost -810 White students, gained +951 Black students and gained +3,582 Hispanic students. A total of 4,990 students over the three years.

However, between 2011/2012 and 2012/2013, CMS gained 4,612 of the 4,990 over that three year period.

Anonymous said...

Wiley, 142,612 was actually the corrected total for 20th day 2013-14, which was an increase of 1,441 over previous year:

This number is slightly higher, presumably because it's for month 3 instead of month 1.

I shudder to think what data is going to be like next year, with DPI facing cuts and CMS refusing to release anything until it goes through state vetting. We can only pray that PowerSchool bugs are worked out.

Anonymous said...

Ann, thank you for crunching our numbers. We didn't have time to get around to it this year. Maybe next.

From: Heath and CMS execs.

Wiley Coyote said...


I knew better than to trust the numbers posted on the CMS site, but that's what they had posted.

Even after allowing for the new numbers, the percentages and change versus YAgo and three years are about the same.

Minority enrollment increasing, White decreasing.

Anonymous said...

It matters for not and the numbers were basically flat year over year. Heath still thinks he is in Reno going to the craps table with his big money grab. With this recent ask for money I ask Heath what has he done today to make CMS better? How has he increased academic offerings? Show me data that its a better day for every child in CMS! Enjoy your summer off Heath !

Anonymous said...

Heath has been put into the lion's den. CMS had a nationally known reputation for being a good urban school district. Things change when you come to NC. Politicians rule. That's why many out of state teachers leave. It looks good on the outside but is rotten in the middle.

Anonymous said...

This is getting tiring and old. Parents can move anywhere they want to and try to find a school of their choice for their child (majority of people).

What no one talks about is how one demographic/race teaches at home. Asian or more likely in the Charlotte area populations from India do not come here with a lot of money but are more likely to be the smartest kids in the class. Why? Because their parents learn how to speak the English language appropriately and respect it.
We live in a more upscale neighborhood with a community pool. Everyday I hear upper middle class black children say the words "mines" or "aint'" where in our household those are considered as bad as swear words.

How do you get an entire demographic/race to speak as you would need to speak the English language when these they get into the real world? That is what I ask myself. But if you were to bring this up, hell would break loose with the NAACP. But this is how you get people out of poverty the ability to speak (in USA anyway) the English language appropriately.

Anonymous said...

7:15 agree! I would suggest that instead of taking a foreign language, our CMS students should focus on learning proper English. And I'm talking about ALL students.