Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teacher survey shows frustration with CMS discipline

Teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are generally less satisfied than counterparts across North Carolina,  according to the 2014 teacher working conditions survey.

In most cases,  the differences between CMS and state results are fairly small,  and CMS has an edge on some items,  such as resources for professional development.

But CMS lags significantly on items related to student behavior.  For instance,  about 60 percent of CMS teachers agreed that students follow rules and administrators consistently enforce those rules,  compared with about 72 percent of all N.C. teachers. Seventy-two percent of CMS teachers and 82 percent of N.C. teachers say school administrators support teachers' efforts to maintain classroom discipline.

As usual,  it's hard to know exactly what to make of the numbers because CMS teachers were also less likely to fill out the survey.  The state had a participation rate of almost 89 percent,  compared with 69 percent for CMS.  Charter schools were even lower at 60 percent.  Eighteen CMS schools,  including Butler,  Hopewell and Vance high schools,  fell below the 40 percent response rate required for school results to be posted.

To get results,  go to the website and click on any district name to get a list of schools.  The icon with horizontal bars gives a detailed breakdown of each response,  ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.  The icon that looks like a grid gives the percent who agreed or strongly agreed on each item,  with a comparison to state average and district averages.  And the one that looks like a square split in two compares 2012 and 2014 results.

So check it out and let us know what you see.  


Anonymous said...

This is all coming from DC. Eric Holder has sent letters about the suspending minority males. Your government at work Don't get me wrong, Jeb bush is cut from the same cloth.

Wiley Coyote said...

Even if there was 100% compliance on the discipline survey, the results mean nothing.

Perhaps that's why many teachers didn't reply.

Ann has also posted discipline statistics that show there is a problem, stats that have to be reported to the state.

We've also discussed one particular kid who was suspended 13 times in one year.

Filling out surveys and factual statistics mean nothing if you don't act on what the data tells you.

Unknown said...


The worst story of a CMS administration not supporting teachers is one I heard directly from a teacher. In this instance an uncontrollable student was sent to the principal’s office. The student came back with a COOKIE.

Talk about the wrong message being given to the student…and the teacher! Be uncooperative. Get a cookie.

Fortunately, that principal is gone.

Last fall I was at the Endhaven PTA’s introduction to the new principal. He spent much time explaining the three steps of his discipline policy. A trip to the office was what it was suppose to be. Cookies were not part of the corrective actions. Some very happy parents that left that meeting.

Most of us don’t get to see what goes on at schools. So the survey and the reporting of it are important. I hope no teacher ever thinks it is not worth the time to fill it out.

Bolyn McClung

Anonymous said...

Bolyn, obviously many teachers didn't have the interest or time to fill out the teacher survey.

Taking a quick glance at the survey, CMS teachers think highly of themselves, they attend too many meetings, access to tech is not a problem, and they are not sold or comfortable with differentiated instruction.

Take back our schools said...

Where did this concept of differentiated instruction come from? Is it the result of this "self image"/false ego boosting campaign by the hand-wringers?

Talk about the lowest common denominator!

Take back our schools said...

Talked to a teacher the other day that had a new principal mid year. They got this one because they will not suspend a student for any reason. One teacher has had emergency room visits and has touted a back eye from the same student. Several stduents in the clase have had injuries due to this student. Yet this student is allowed to harass and bully the students and the teacher with no consequence the last half of the year.

Anonymous said...

Take back our schools - couldn't agree more. I really hope that what comes out of this is parents realizing that if they cannot accept the situation at their child's school, as the system will not change, they will leave the system and make better educational choices for their children.

Anonymous said...

So when was it decided to move MIE's principal without naming a replacement?

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous that teachers feel like this. Whatever happen to "alternative" school? When I was in school a troublemaker was sent to alternative school where they had more intense training on behavior and removed them from the class as it is not productive for anyone.

If that is not an option then go the more modern day route: call in the parents (or likely parent), if the parent(s) can't control them call police and DSS. These are still minors and if they are that troubled then DSS needs to get involved period. It is not the schools responsibility to try to control them it is their parent(s), then police, then the state/DSS. Maybe then the state and county will wake up and realize these issues in schools and start realizing they need to do more outside of school with programs etc.

Wiley Coyote said...

MIE doesn't need a principal.

They can just share the Coulwood principal like they are about to do with their athletic fields.

Anonymous said...

I am showing frustration with the school district's unwillingness and neglect to enforce athletic eligibility rules. Why are there numerous student athletes within CMS schools who do not live in the district and school officials and administrators know this, all while displacing current CMS student athletes. When is CMS going to comply with the athletic rules? Do they want to enhance their athletic programs and coaching staffs with disregard to the rules? Winning must be very important.

I completely understand why parents, and teachers are frustrated with CMS administration. Ann, Is there a hotline where these cases can be disclosed anonymously?

Anonymous said...

@1:16 Lord forbid we treat anyone differently. All children are the same. Teachers should just teach 3 different ways the same lesson to the 28 students(differentiated instruction) by breaking them up into groups. Let's not forget the mentally ill & mentally disabled students whose parents refuse to have their child tested. An example of that would be the student with a low IQ with a 3rd of 4th grade level who has been passed along and is in high school on a college track.
The best part!..that child's test score counts against the teacher.

Anonymous said...

Why would any one teacher here? God bless the ones that show up everyday.

Take back our schools said...

3:54 Lord forbid if we stepped in early to intervene on behalf of a child when you have a far higher chance of success and the child would not realize they are such a loser by the time they hit older grades.

Anonymous said...

1:55 I am a high school teacher and share your frustration when student athletes continue to play regardless of academic ineligibility. It happens every day and is disconcerting to say the least.

The emphasis for the student, parents, school coaches and administrators has become the sport and not the class room for such students.

At least maybe they'll go on to make some "real" money.

Anonymous said...

If your child is a middle of the road student or below, they will not do well in CMS schools.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that most of the CMS students are minority students, wouldn't that mean discipline issues are most likely from minority students as well?