Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Catawba County Schools salaries posted

If you've been following this blog, you know the Observer posts the salaries for school district employees in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties each year. One of the final ones we've received this year, for the school district in Catawba County, is now available for search.

Why post school district salaries by name? I think Ann said it well back in May when the first databases of the year went up: It helps the public find out if something is going wrong in public spending.

Take a look and see what stands out.


Karen M said...

Can we post banking employee salaries, too, to see what might be going wrong *there*?

Anonymous said...

I am starting to wonder if the money we spend on publication is money well spent. I think we could save a great deal of money and yield the same results by closing all public schools. There should be only two options, either home school or private school, no charters and no traditional public schools. I think we have subsidized laziness and stupidity long enough, it's time to stop making stupid people send their stupid kids to school.

learning what a teacher's salary doesn't accomplish anything, so what's the point.

Anonymous said...

My 1989 starting salary in Maryland (with a master's degree) as a lateral entry high school dance teacher: $31,500.

My 2014 starting salary in North Carolina (with a master's degree) teaching 5th grade social studies and math: $33,800.

And I'm going to choose to teach at a NC public school with serious problems?

Post away...


Anonymous said...


Why dont YOU post your salary for all to see ?!!?

Anonymous said...

Usually with small rural counties it is better to group 10 or 20 of them together.

Nobody cares about Catawba County except Catawba County and the few hundred farmers.

So whats happening with the crops and cows chickens or pigs?

Always count your cows to make sure nobody jumped the fence..

Ghoul said...

learning what a teacher's salary doesn't accomplish anything, so what's the point.

The point is government accountability. You do need to know where your tax dollar go. Take a look at the top salaries, dozens of jobs with zero interaction with the students. Are some of these necessary, of course, but are all o them, I seriously doubt it.

When people complain about teachers salaries, do they ever stop and question why so many 6 figure salaries in the front office are soaking up the money allotted from the state? How many teacher's assistants could you have if we had 3 less bureaucrats at $150,000?