Friday, December 12, 2014

North Carolina gets C+ on teacher preparation

North Carolina is ahead of the national average in terms of preparing teachers for the classroom, but still has significant room for improvement.

That's the conclusion reached by the National Council on Teacher Quality in its annual ranking of states in how they train teachers to be able to help students reach college- and career-ready status.

For example, North Carolina has a more rigorous test for prospective elementary school teachers on their content knowledge than most states. But the state does not break out passing scores in all subject areas, so there's no way to know if the teacher has mastered all subjects he or she will teach, the report finds.

On the positive side, North Carolina is one of 18 states that require a measure of how well new elementary school teachers understand the science of reading, the report says. The state also is more selective in admitting college students to teacher prep programs, requiring a 3.0 grade point average, according to the report.

But the National Council on Teacher Quality also says there are significant loopholes in the licensing of high school teachers. The report found that secondary school teachers must pass general content knowledge tests for subjects like science and social studies, but are not tested in specific courses they will teach, like chemistry.

And teacher preparation programs don't have minimum standards for their performance, the report says.

With a C+, North Carolina ranked No. 18 out of the 50 states and District of Columbia. Florida came in first with a B+. Alaska and Montana got failing grades.

South Carolina also received a C+. The report gives the state credit for requiring passing scores in all content areas for elementary school teachers. But the council points out that teachers aren't required to show an understanding of the science of reading.


Anonymous said...

Another garbage "study" by an organization funded by corporations seeking to benefit from CCSS, RttT and NCLB - all of which are failed initiatives. I'm sure they never bothered to visit the actual colleges of education. Instead they checked to see if their curriculums were aligned with CCSS and its associated testing consortiums. Its similar to rating a restaurant by looking at the menu and not sampling the food. I wonder how many educrats at the NCTQ have actual classroom experience?

Anonymous said...

NCTQ is nothing but a Washington DC govt funded liberal pile of crap like everything else in the capitol city. Believe nothing of what you hear or read and only half of what of what you see when it comes to liberals.
Actually believe nothing of what you see either when it comes to liberal socialists.

As usual conservative capitalist Red States get lesser inferior grades while liberal socialist Blue States get higher superior ones. Big surprise.

Nothing new here as the usual suspects who control the DC spew machine with mainly the liberal Washington Post hack their typical biased liberal meaningless mess.

Ignore this BS as irrelevant.

Also needed is are Conservative Arts programs installed in all colleges and universities in America and Conservative Arts degrees to counter balance the Liberal Arts and Liberal Arts degrees.

This way a Bachelor of Conservative Arts and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree can be readily distinguished.

Anonymous said...

Support the teachers on the front line. All the rest of the Ivory Tower is a waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Great news. The multi billionaire Koch Brothers are moving on NC teacher education revision at a fast pace to train mainly History teachers the correct progressive conservative method and correct history. New books will be used.

NC liberal History teachers are currently inundated with socialist pc mind wash that will be corrected to the accurate real historical truth and not this bogus liberalism they now teach.

Thank You Koch Brothers for your interest and financial contribution. We understand your primary goal is education training using these values and conservative principles in all UNC public universities.

NC taxes are paid mainly by conservative voters yet liberals who pay little revenue reap much greater benefits and control agendas. This will be changing soon.

GOP Conservative PAC

Shamash said...

Not sure whether to laugh with or laugh at the last few "liberal" vs. "conservative" posts.

I have a "liberal arts" degree in math.

I didn't realize there was a "conservative" math, too.

What am I missing?

Was it something to do with three left turns making a right?


Anonymous said...


In my case, I'm liberal (smart) enough to teach 5th grade math but conservative (stupid) enough to teach 5th grade math.

Or, perhaps I'm conservative (smart) enough to teach 5th grade math but liberal (stupid) enough to teach 5th grade math?

Yep, that's it.


Anonymous said...

In response to the recent article about Obama wanting minority kids to have more access to computers -
" the amount of screen time that poor and minority kids rack up each day has reached astonishing levels. According to a 2011 study by researchers at Northwestern University, minority kids watch 50% more television than their white peers.

They use computers for up to 1¹/₂ hours longer per day and play video games for 30 to 40 minutes longer than their white peers. Giving them more access to screens is clearly not the answer to the education gap in this country. But our political leaders’s and school administrator's misguided priorities continue."

Anonymous said...


Info from NY Post.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you teach math, drama, dancing, history, world history, economics, science. But you think you know a plethora about everything. Making you not a conservative or liberal.

Anonymous said...


If you were smart you would be in Truck Driving School right now.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:54,
all joking aside, I do often wonder why anyone would consider being a public teacher in this state. The pay is low when considering the pressure/ expectations and required education/credentials. Combined with the fact it is a thankless job and parental support among some demographic groups (typically the same groups that struggle) is practially non-existent.

How many of you have actually taken the time to post something positive about a teacher on this blog.

Shamash said...

Is this a new low for teaching political correctness in the classroom?

I can see perhaps one or two kids at that age interested in this, but not enough to form a protest line.

This excerpt shows where I would pretty much "draw the line" on trying to "teach" children.

(And this kind of PC crap is coming from a Charter school, too. Of course it's in Massachusetts...)


George Borden, the father of one participant and a policeman in New Bedford, told WHDH that discovering his 7-year-old had participated in the protest and finding a flyer in her backpack urging people to join a weekend protest “against the unjust systems that allow police officers to kill Black men and boys with impunity,” was “horrific to me.”



Teach your daughters that daddy KILLS Black men and boys with "impunity" for his job.

How many of those kids could actually DEFINE or SPELL "impunity", I wonder.

Maybe THAT should have been the lesson at that age, and not politics.

Anonymous said...

Black on Black murder is the true story and the one that the press and NAACP do not want to address.

Just like the story in education that other immigrants to this country are vastly overtaking the academic torch and running with it.

Money does not solve any of these problems but there is one group that will ALWAYS have their had out demanding more money for the injustice.

Coulwood said...

Why does my daughter, who attends a local CMS middle school, go to music class to watch videos, color and talk. She has yet to see an actual piece of music.

It's stories like these that make CMS teachers get a bad rep.

Anonymous said...

most prominent black leaders(including Obama) are more concerned with what makes headlines rather than actually addressing the real issues. The biggest issue being the breakdown of the traditional family unit within the African American Community. 73% of all African Amercian children are born into a single parent home.

With regards to this story, I was curious if Andrew could provide any information about charter school teachers, credentials/training with regards to subjects being taught etc. No matter which side you stand on, I think it is important that parents have this kind of information in order to make sound comparisons.

Anonymous said...

That is too bad 9:23. We just toured a local private school and the 7th grade music class was learning about copyright laws, do you know the teacher was asking a question and every student had their hand up. I was thinking what a wonderful school and teacher. Here continues the difference between private and public (and it was not a local $20,000 a year private).

Anonymous said...

anon 9:23 and 12:11,
Music is not a tested subject, neither it is part of common core (as far as I know). Furthermore, comparing private schools with public schools is a little unfair for several reasons. Private schools are not held to the same regulations and can spend their private money anyway they feel. In public schools, the Arts was the first place school officials looked to save money when budgets were cut.

Anonymous said...

It's all BS!!! Schools are the product of their community. Union, nonunion, rich, poor, middle class, it doesn't matter. You show me a tight community with good families and I will show you good schools. The county school district idea is a scam. They are to big and waste too much money. I do think teachers get blamed for things out of their control. They have very little say in CMS. Did anybody read the article of the fire investigator who fired for posting her opinion on facebook.... Teachers are scared they will fired if they speak up.

Anonymous said...

Was fired
Will be fired

Anonymous said...

Teachers in CMS have already been fired for their pictures and postings.

The CMS gestapo is a known entity within the teacher community. Look what Clark and the other insiders did with the CEO. What do you think they will do with the pawn teachers ?

NO I aint gonna work on Annie Clarks farm no more !

Wiley Coyote said...

For example, North Carolina has a more rigorous test for prospective elementary school teachers on their content knowledge than most states. But the state does not break out passing scores in all subject areas, so there's no way to know if the teacher has mastered all subjects he or she will teach, the report finds.

..."No way to know if the teacher has mastered all subjects"... Yet we are now looking at dumbing down kids even more by slashing homework and not requiring them to be prepared for class.

And this little ditty:

...But since then, there hasn’t been much evidence that homework is indicative of an effective classroom. Studies have also shown that test scores of elementary school students don’t benefit from homework, and in higher grades the positive effects trail off after 90 minutes to two hours.

I love the "studies have shown" statement.

"Studies have also shown pre-K like Bright Beginnings and Head Start are not effective after first grade and any gains "trail off" at that point.

Yet we still spend hundreds of millions each year on taxpayer funded pre-k programs.

Putting "educators" and "experts" in the same sentence is why public education continues to be flushed down the toilet.

And by the way. It won't matter one iota whether Ann Clark is the new CMS Super or not, she's a huge part of the failures of CMS over the years. Just another status quo lapdog.

Anonymous said...

I would ask that you keep something in mind before you make broad comments about public education. While CMS is a bad school system, the surrounding schools systems are much better. Obviously there are those who would argue otherwise and that's okay. But I think most would agree that CMS is a struggling school system.
CMS is struggling in large part for two major reasons, bad leadership and the demographic make up of the student population. If you look at the bad leadership, they have been elected and hired by the largest demographic group served by CMS, (a self perpetuating situation). In other words, CMS is never going to recover and will always be a bad school system. We see this same trend all over the country, it is not a mystery.

It is just like what a previous person stated, where ever you find a good community, with good families, you will see good schools!

Schools are a reflection of the community in which they serve!

Wiley Coyote said...


That comment has been made before many times here.

I'm fully aware that the "surrounding school districts are better", mainly due to those who could afford to move.

White flight and brain drain. Same thing that has been going on for over 40 years.

Those surrounding great schools exist mainly because urban school systems such as CMS are not.

Ft. Mill Schools are 80% White.
Clover Schools 83% White.
Union County Schools 68% White.
Iredell County Schools 72% White.

Mecklenburg County is nearly 60% White but CMS is only 30% White, based on last year's numbers.

Anonymous said...

After the pathetic recent Morrison CMS charade McCray and her mouthpiece Battle have been temporarily successful in keeping the bogus extortion exaction "gap" and status quo but their conspiratorial premeditated scam with others has been clearly exposed publicly as fraudulent and will only continue hastening white flight from the county.

If county residents were wise they would be consdering a split into several smaller cities and create their own independent school systems with city factions especially after conservatives now own NC and America with the recent crushing defeat of liberals.

If you cant take advantage of this massive victory at this opportune time then you will never get it off the ground. Liberals are like parasitic maggots and always come back sooner or later.

Ballantyne needs to get the ball rolling with its long talked about split and others will follow the lead with their own cities. Action needed not just lip service.

Insanity defined is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

America was on the very verge of being a liberal 3rd world Banana Republic BHO dictatorship if not for the incredibly brave heroic efforts of the gallant orthodox conservative TEA Party to save the nation from eternal damnation and decimation at the hands of the current most volatile dangerous tyrant in chief.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

It does appear though that tens of thousands of residents, rather than secede, are annually escaping to higher ground outside the county only to be replaced by a never ending limitless stream of 3rd worlders.

Do not be tricked by the Cuba open door policy either. This is not just an innocent move to help Cubans as Obama lies about but rather the reverse to help the budding socialism process in America by you know who.
You know liberals are lying when their lips are moving.

TEA Party to the rescue just in the nick of time.

Get lost too Jeb Bush.


Anonymous said...

If CMS truly cares about studies, how about the recent studies from Columbia University and the American Acad of Pediatrics stating the huge and undeniable benefits of later school start times. Time to get rid of the unhealthy, unsafe and unproductive 7:15am high school start time.

Cornelia said...

just wait until the state's grades for schools come out. Talking about spinning! I think the lessening of homework is part of the advance spinning already being launched by the BOE, another way to kick the can down the road and buy themselves a few more years.
It will be embarrasing to the economic development folks, though.

Anonymous said...

10:29 PM



Chablis said...

Anon 4:25 Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

As far as later school start times, some people will look at it in terms of what is best for "me as a parent" or a teacher, but people need to realize that it is not about them, it’s about what is right for the students. I absolutely support later high school start times.

Shamash said...

I support later high school start times just to give it a shot and see what happens.

After all, it can't be worse than all the other stuff they've tried to improve the schools.

That said, I wouldn't put much hope in it closing any "gaps" or anything like that.