Thursday, January 22, 2015

Millard House a finalist for Tulsa superintendent

Former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools chief operating officer Millard House is one of two finalists for the superintendent's job in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Tulsa World reported and then confirmed.

House is a Tulsa native spent the first two decades of his career there as a health and PE teacher, principal and administrator. In 2003, he was the Tulsa Public Schools Principal of the Year.

He came to CMS in 2012 and left only a year later to become the executive director of New Leaders, a national nonprofit that trains administrators of high-poverty schools.

House was previously a finalist for superintendent in Indianapolis Public Schools.


Anonymous said...

This is a man of integrity. CMS lost out when he left.

Anonymous said...

And we have to read about him because ......?


With that big CMeS onion in front of you, why are you wasting your time on this ?

Anonymous said...

And in other news Gorman and Morrison are laughing all the way to the bank on the backs of NC taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Re-Pete isn't laughing at all, as in is haste to resign lest people found out who he really was he received nothing. Wish Napoleon had the balls to stand up ...oh wait, maybe he was the whole time and we weren't aware.
Too bad about the LAUSD job he did not get.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know why not so bright Dunn wrote this article other say bye bye to House who obv didnt get the CMS top slot he wanted since Mo at GCS is still on tap as their A game even with the Battle McCray scandal blown out of the waters?
Bottom line another white male will not be hired. Thats the clincher.

Anonymous said...

Dunn, when are you going to write about our wonderful Fort Mill schools? Most of our students are coming from the north (just over the border!).

Anonymous said...



Everyone is equal and there is no competition. All inept employees will have a job into infinity without consequences or "loud encouragement" from anyone. Every student is equal and any effort will get you a grade of 70.

How sad that this is the examples our Communist Making System (CMS) perpetuates on our society with our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

I miss Heath...

Anonymous said...

The police and teachers are a monopoly. That is why they are not respected or paid by the general electorate.

Anonymous said...


Over 2/3 of CMS students ride the bus.

Fact Check or just smoke and mirrors from the CMS statistics department and more PR.

Come On Man

Anonymous said...

A full bus (per CMS) means 57 students. I don't know of one bus running in south charlotte that has 57 student riders. Most buses run at 50% capacity. High school (AM routes) are virtually empty as kids try to save time in the morning and carpool or drive to school. CMS could be much more efficient in the Trans dept.

Many students are assigned to buses who never set foot on a bus. But the more students assigned, the more money from the State.

Anonymous said...

The so called oppressed always become the oppressors.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Lord Acton
British Empire

Anonymous said...

7:47 Agree!
Up here our North Meck neighborhood, out of 50 kids who go to school, maybe 3 go to CMS and I believe even they go to magnet; and there are those buses, at least 3 a day, going through our neighborhood. Everyone either goes to charter or private. Maybe they need to reorganize the bus schedules after that 20 days post 1st day of school when kids have finally settled into their primary school, no one in our neighborhood would set foot at or neighborhood school. So they can start up here and recalculate their runs.

Anonymous said...


CMS will do everything they can to waste our local tax dollars on transportation so that they can get and waste the Federal tax dollars that perpetuates this waste and corruption spending.

What a waste !

Anonymous said...

If you want me to compete for pay for performance then dont ask me to collaborate.

Anonymous said...

I just read the article in the Observer this morning, I appreciate you asking some very tough questions of this school board leadership, specifically McCray herself. Clarke wanted to be a super at CMS 2012 and Wake 2013, and now all of a sudden she no longer has any interest? I am calling total BS on that one Mrs. McCray, this affair is really starting to take on a very foul odor!

Anonymous said...

National Superintendent Search

The last two searches have been unmitigated DISASTERS. Pete and Re-Pete were utterly awful for this district.

The kowtowing of the BOE to Eli Broad needs to end.

No national search. Stay here and find someone. Please do this; save youselves from yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Gorman and Morrison

began the process of "competitive competence". Most in the Tower are not only lazy, but they are inept to the core.

Kickin a little butt was the problem. They should have kicked A LOT of butt out the door !

Anonymous said...

Re: (A-F) School Performance Letter Grades being released Feb. 5th.

TO: NC Public School Teachers

"While a grade can’t possibly reflect all of the things happening in a school, likewise we should remember that a student is more than a single grade as well. I know that teachers more than anyone recognize this; and I encourage you to communicate with your parents about the activities and progress of your students that may not be reflected in a school-wide letter grade".


June Atkinson

Well thanks, Jane.

And where do I begin with NC's latest load of bureaucratic bull doo-doo?