Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buzzword bingo: Obama vs. Gorman

For anyone seeking entertainment while you watch Obama's State of the Union address tonight, The Alliance for Excellent Education has created bingo cards to help viewers tally whether the president uses such education-related phrases as "school improvement grants," "Race To The Top," "innovation" and "China."

Of course, if you're reading this blog, you're more likely to be watching Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' big budget-cut meeting tonight (CMS-TV Cable 3, or webstreamed  here). Which raises the question: What would you put on a CMS Budget Buzzword Bingo card? "Do less with less"? "Protect the classroom"? "FRL fraud"?

This isn't as much fun without such classic Larry Gauvreau phrases as "blinks reality," "not rocket science" and "bells and whistles," especially when Associate Superintendent Guy Chamberlain would fire back with "Actually, I am a rocket scientist" (he was, in a previous life) and "I don't know if you've noticed, but all schools have bells." But I'm guessing you readers have picked up on some pet phrases of the new crew.


wiley coyote said...

I'm still wondering if the thorn in Guy's side has healed yet from Larry Gauvreau.

It's too bad he is no longer on the board.

Aside from the tell-it-like-it-is approach Larry used, facts, reason and logic left the board when he did.

Anonymous said...

Actually, in my mind I do an Observer buzz word bingo almost every day. "Diversity" is a great word to watch. In a fairly short article about chamber music last Saturday I found "diversity" 6 times, plus an "inclusion" and a reference to breaking down the image of classical musicians as "elderly Caucasion people".

Anonymous said...

"All the Children" - Vilma Leake

"Moving Deck Chairs on the Titanic" - Larry Gavereau

"Folks" - Coach

"Diversity" - Joyce Waddell

"Obama Bucks" - Larry Gavereau

"We need direction from the board" - Dr. Gorman

"May I be so bold as to propose"... (something to advance my desire for grand political aspirations) - Trent Merchant

"Our overcrowded school isn't overcrowded" - Myer's Park Parents


Anonymous said...

"I propose an amendment to the amendment". -Everyone

What amendment to the amendment are we voting on"? - Everyone

wiley coyote said...

My personal favorite:


Coach White

Anonymous said...

"Do I have a second to the third amendment to the fourth amendment put forth by Rev. Tom Tate?" - Eric Davis

"Thank you for that wonderful report!" - Kaye McGarry

"Our staff will get that information and report back to you." - Dr. Gorman

"According to our Guiding Principles.." (we can do whatever the heck we want after wasting 6 months of time debating and adopting them). - Joyce Waddell

"I would like to substitute agenda item numbers 2, 7, 19, 31, 67, 69 and 84 for..." - Kaye McGarry

"Our most vulnerable children". - Richard McElrath

"My constituents" - Richard McElrath

"Press 1 to fire Dr. Gorman. Press 2 to fire the school board. Press 3 to fire the Student Placement Office. Press 4 to fire the HR Department. Press 5 to fire your child's principal. Press 6 to complain about your child's teacher. Press 7 to complain about your child's free lunch. Press 9 to complain that CMS is not raising your child properly. Press 8 to let the whole system go to heck in a hand basket". - Bl----e

"When I played football for Independence..." - Tim Morgan.

Our overcrowded schools in Ballantyne are not overcrowded". -Tim Morgan

"No justice, no peace!" - Kojo

"May I be so bold as to propose we delay a vote until further study" - (because I've ticked off enough people left, right, east and west I'm afraid I'll get voted out of office and never become class president at Charlotte Country Day School". - Trent Merchant

This is fun!

therestofthestory said...

4:20 PM You are having too much fun! I see a standup comedy routine.

Carol said...

Is the meeting online? I can't find it. I followed the link and there's not a meeting for 1/25 anymore. It has changed to 2/8. What did I miss?

Anonymous said...


WAY too much fun! If you only knew the puppets and theme songs I have for BOE members. Now, we're talking standup comedy. (Parental warning advised).

"Waiting for Superman"? No, "Waiting for "CMS -the Musical".

Anonymous said...


In an effort to "diversify", "include" and encourage more people to attend the ever belly-up Charlotte Symphony in addition to breaking down the image of classical musicians as "elderly Caucasians", we outsourced an exciting new "elderly Caucasian" maestro from Austria (or Germany or wherever he's from)!

"The hills are alive with the sound of...."

The dynamic young African-American from the Eastman School of Music was, well, too African-Americany and the thingy about him refusing to conduct Beethoven's 5th was just too radical for the "elderly Caucasians" who attend our concerts who were afraid they might loose their "inclusive" AARP discount rate if more "diversified" people showed up.

Anonymous said...

I forgot my FAVORITE!

"Is anybody listening, does anybody care?" - Vilma