Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morgan announces bid for at-large seat

Tim Morgan, a district representative on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board, announced today that he’s running for an at-large seat on the board. Veteran at-large board members Joe White and Trent Merchant have said they won’t run for re-election in this November’s contest. Kaye McGarry, holder of a third at-large seat with an expiring term, has said she’s considering running again.

“There is an opportunity to step up and fill that leadership void,” Morgan said of White and Merchant’s departure. Morgan, a 1986 graduate of Independence High, was elected in 2009 to represent District 6 in the southeast suburbs. He has worked as a lobbyist for the real estate and construction industry, and as head of the York County Regional Chamber of Commerce. His brother, Charlotte Chamber President Bob Morgan, attended his announcement ceremony, as did City Council members Warren Cooksey and Andy Dulin.

Morgan has often voted with a five-member majority that backed some of departing Superintendent Peter Gorman’s most important reforms, such as performance-pay for teachers and the “strategic staffing” program that placed high-quality staff in low-performing schools.
He said he has taken leadership roles in exploring privatization possibilities for the school system, and in crafting a pay-to-play program that has helped keep high school athletics running during budget cuts.

Morgan touted the school system’s improvement in the past five years, noting increasing test scores and a narrowing of the achievement gap. He said the selection of a new superintendent ranks among the most important things the new board will do, and added that he wants to find someone who will continue building on Gorman’s successes. He noted controversy over some of Gorman’s initiatives, such as performance pay, new tests, teacher layoffs and school closings. He said he hopes to improve communication between the system and its stakeholders.

He said many of the candidates filing to run for school board have been motivated by their opposition to such moves, and added that he looks forward to debating those issues with them.
“None of those decisions were popular, but they have been necessary,” he said. “I stand by those decisions.” Filing for the seats opens tomorrow, and runs through July 15. Other candidates who’ve declared so far include:

  • Larry Bumgarner, an internet activist who has also made two unsuccessful runs for school board.

  • Elyse Dashew, co-founder of the MeckFUTURE parents’ group that campaigned for additional money for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools this spring.

  • Keith Hurley, a local mortgage banker and dad who has chided local public officials for wasting money.

  • Mary McCray, who former president of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Association of Educators.

  • DeShauna McLamb, a parent who has expressed concern about the closings of schools on Charlotte’s west side.

  • Hans Plotseneder, a West Mecklenburg High teacher who has made two unsuccessful runs for school board previously.


Anonymous said...

So does this mean he's stepping down from his District seat? If he doesn't win an at-large seat, is he off the Board completely? What game is he trying to play by running for another seat on a Board he's still serving on for 2 years?

Anonymous said...

Tim. Why is PfP necessary? Show me the data that exists that it works. Limited at best and weak position. I disagree that it was and is necessary. The others were fine but to say PfP was and is necessary is complete bull. You are nothing but a mouthpiece for your former employee. You are nothing but a mouthpiece for your brother. You are not educated on the needs of this district or education in general. You have not listened to the voters of your district and you realize that your time is very limited in this district. Time for you to go away.

Anonymous said...

If he wins at large, then the board can name a person to replace him in district 6, a person who he believes will vote with him to keep pfp, extra testing, etc.

He gets to remain on the board for a longer period of time, since his district 6 constituency is fed up with his self serving agenda.

When he loses this at large run, then he may remain on the board as the district 6 rep until voted out next election.

Too many people with long memories will be letting the voting public know of his record as a board member which will result in his failure to win the at large seat.

Anonymous said...

Notice to all readers: This message board is reserved for loons and disgruntled CMS employees only. If you don't fit either of these decscriptions you should leave this page immediately.

Anonymous said...

I would like for Tim to seriously address the role of his brother, Chamber president Bob Morgan, in his decision making as a board member. Is he just a puppet of the Chamber, CRVA mafia?

therestofthestory said...

Can we say "underwhelmed" by this current candidate list? Larry is the only one that seems to be willing to think outside the box. While I am not so sure how many of these ideas could even work, it is a little refreshing to hear something other than cheerleading.

Sadly, Larry G had tried to reach Dr. Gorman about this tsunami coming at the financial picture of this school system. Depsite what many thought or were brainwashed by the Charlotte Observer to think, he cared about public education in Mecklenburg County.

Anonymous said...

Notice this board is for members of the business community who know nothing about education, put their children in private schools, run from problems and then pretend to know how to fix it all.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Improving communication does not make bad policies become good.

Anonymous said...

9:57 AM, we certainly know what is not working.

Charlotte native said...

Not once has Tim visited or spoken to any teacher or principal in his district. The good board members have visited schools and talked with parents and community members.

I don't think he will win so good bye Tim!!!!!

CMS Parent said...

Tim has been to our elementary school (PSE) many times and met with our parents and teachers. I don't agree with him on PFP, but he has listened.

MeckDeck said...

If Tim went to PSE it was only because Joel Ritchie was a surprise drop-in.

Look, CMS is doomed. There is no honesty anywhere in the operation except for the teachers. Office staff have reacted to the needless time-stamp system by becoming negative and petty.

History will show that the last best chance was Pete Gorman entacting SOME of the Gantt Commission suggestions within 18 months.

Didn't happen.

Bonus Doh: Ask Tim if he can document CMS' Title IX claims vis a vis middle school sports. Don;t let him call downtown for a response.

Anonymous said...

Have contacted Tim numerous times for his position or feedback on 3 or 4 issues. No response. This guy is a politician using the school board as a stepping stone. No substance, no accountability.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

For someone running for the Charlotte Mecklenburg school commission seat, I am appalled at the atrocious pronunciation of many of the words you use in your advertisement. You cut the "-ing's" off so many of your words.... for example: runnin', movin', goin' and I can not even remember many of the others. You, of all people, should be setting an example for the students that you wish to help in the school system. Please clean up your pronunciations for the betterment of YOUR chances.....