Wednesday, October 26, 2011

90/90/90 schools and Broad

Does Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have its first  "90/90/90"  school?

Many readers are probably familiar with the label,  coined by professor/author Douglas Reeves for schools where 90 percent of students are poor,  minority and performing on grade level.  It's an ambitious goal that signifies a school has broken the link between poverty,  race and academic failure that frustrates educators across the country.

This summer,  Devonshire Elementary was ready to celebrate.  With a 93.7 percent pass rate in math  (and the accompanying high levels of poverty and nonwhite students),  it meets the standards laid out by Reeves of having 90 percent on grade level in one key academic area.  But Chief Academic Officer Ann Clark told the school board Tuesday night that she wants 90 percent proficient in both reading and math before anyone claims the label,  because both skills are essential to continued academic success.

Devonshire Principal Suzanne Gimenez was one of three principals of high-poverty schools who talked to the board about trying to break the poverty/failure links.  She's also one of the original seven principals former Superintendent Peter Gorman recruited to start his strategic staffing project,  which strives to turn around schools with teams of high-performing administrators and educators.  Of those seven,  she's among only three who are still in those schools for a fourth year  (Gorman asked for a three-year commitment).

Clark said she hopes to see Gimenez claim the  "90/90/90/90"  label at the end of this year,  with nine out of 10 students earning grade-level scores on reading as well as math.


Speaking of bragging rights, some of you have probably noticed the CMS web site is sporting a dual logo these days,  with the "Broad Prize for Urban Education" logo alongside the district's.  CMS has also asked all employees to attach the logo to their CMS emails,  sparking some groans among those who are leery of the Broad Foundation's approach to education reform.

Board member Kaye McGarry raised the issue Tuesday night, saying people have been asking  "Since when did Broad purchase naming rights to CMS?"

Interim Superintendent Hugh Hattabaugh said CMS' selection as the 2011 Broad Prize winner was  "an honor and a privilege"  that validates the hard work of employees and students,  and the district plans to proudly claim the label this school year.  "If anything,"  he said,  "it's a positive thing for this community and this district."


Larry said...

So we are the greatest Urban System?

adj \ˈər-bən\
Definition of URBAN
: of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city
See urban defined for English-language learners »
See urban defined for kids »
Origin of URBAN
Latin urbanus, from urbs city
First Known Use: 1619
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Now why is it we use the numbers from the suburban schools to cover the ills of all the other schools and then turn around and say how great things are for our Urban system.

Why are we spending only a few thousand per student on our suburban students and most likely keeping them from their full potential? You do know about the four thousand suburban spending versus the eleven to even more per student in the urban areas?

The questions and the Bright Flight just keeps on going on and on and all we do is let it happen.

A great example. Around 1600 Grads from CMS went to CPCC in 2010 and around 1200 of them needed remedial courses. This just tells us the value of a diploma and what they are handing out.

Melissa Nicholson said...

Amen Larry.

Additionally, I don't want anything to do with Eli Broad or his foundation. This journal article explains why.

Wiley Coyote said...

...since CMS has NO CLUE as to which students truly qualify for free or reduced lunches, every bit of data quote by CMS is totally worthless.

These numbers are a broad estimate (no pun intended) of "poverty", which may be off by thousands of students designated as being "in poverty", but who actually do not qualify for the FRL benefit.

CMS, do us a favor and stop releasing data you can't back up.

Anonymous said...

Great points all...and great link Melissa.

CMS is in need of a significant administrative and BOE turnover. Even if it is not completely fair or deserved or accurate, the reality is that this community simply does not trust the people who are running the district.

People trust teachers and PTA's and principals. People do not trust the very salary and top heavy administration or the school board. It is that simple. The solution is three new at large board members who will revolt against and kick out Eli Broad and all of the followers of that uber progressive stuff. And two years from now, putting up candidates in every district to kick out every remaining district Board member. When you lost the public's trust, you MUST go.

We need people with common sense approach and the courage and vision to do what is right to fix the way CMS operates.

CMS_teacher said...

If I add the Broad logo to my CMS email signature I'll also be adding a line about our dismal high school graduation and 9th grade failure statistics.

Anonymous said...

ADH. Please find you how many of the original teachers that went with the strategically staff principals have lasted the three years as well as who has stayed on beyond that. I am curious to know why certain principals and teachers left. In the trenches, we have heard that some of these staff got so overwhelmed that they could not physically or emotionally handle being in such a demanding school. My hat is off to the Devonshire principal. I would be curious to see what the level of staff satisfaction and staff turnover is at Devonshire. Of the 7, I think they are about to loose another one. The bigger questions is all of these schools is how lasting will the interventions be? My guess is not very long. Find out ADH. I think these questions need to be asked and the data shown to you.

Great article Ms. Nicholson. Hadn't seen that one before. Vote Hurley, Nelson and Wise. They seem to be the best for all concerns!

Anonymous said...

ADH - why no story about Larry Shaheen, Tim morgan's campaign organizer/manager, allegedly taking Hurley and Nelson campaign materials and throwing them away, earning him a ban from all voting sites??

The TV news reported this, why not the Observer?

Anonymous said...

Ann, why not call Morgan and ask him about it. You are not one of his constituents nor a teacher, so he'll probably answer your call and talk to you.

Anonymous said...

I just hope they don't hire another tool.

Anonymous said...

Why is the scandal in the BOE race not being published in the CO? Do you think the Chamber wouldn't like it if you smacked Tim Morgan for the type of person he is? If you lay down with dogs, you get Tim scratch!

Wiley Coyote said...

Posted: 4:22 pm EDT October 24, 2011
Updated: 8:18 am EDT October 25, 2011

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Mecklenburg County School Board candidate's campaign is apologizing for what it calls a "misunderstanding," but a rival candidate is calling it political sabotage.

Candidate Keith Hurley started getting hundreds of calls when voters could not find has campaign cards at the polling station -- because they were in the trash.

Now another campaign is taking responsibility.

Hurley's trunk is full of campaign supplies he drives around the city of Charlotte with, including hundreds of information cards for potential voters.

The county's Republican Party sent some of Hurley's cards to a polling center in uptown Charlotte last week to be handed out along with material for Tim Morgan, another Republican-backed candidate.

But Hurley's cards disappeared and Morgan's campaign manager, Larry Shaheen, is claiming responsibility. Those cards ended up in the garbage.

Shaheen sent Hurley an apologetic email, writing, "I let my emotions get the best of me and I have no excuses for my actions."

Shaheen declined to comment to reporters on the situation, but he later sent a statement saying "there was a misunderstanding at the polling location. Apologies were issued immediately upon realization of the misunderstanding and steps have been taken to clear up the issue."

But Hurley still has his suspicions that the act was intentional. "You read this apology and there's no question about it," he said.

The missing cards have been returned and were back on display Monday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

So Eagle Scout Tim Morgan's campaign manager took others campaign materials and tossed them in the trash? He then sent a letter of apology to these candidates saying he was sorry? He is now banned from all polling places? Was he charged with a crime? Isn't it a crime in the State of NC for doing that? He still is working for Tim Morgan? A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful,Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.

Ann Doss Helms said...

I have made a couple of calls on the campaign material thing, but right now it's in line behind stories on candidates stands on student assignment, teachers and testing, as well as individual profiles slated to start Sunday.

Wiley Coyote said...

....still waiting on the school lunch data.

One would think that at the 20 day enrollment they would have that number but then again, CMS doesn't ask who qualifies. will wait for the "official number"...whenever that is.

Anonymous said...

Wiley, I've sent out cafeteria overdue collection forms for the last three weeks to the same students. They know.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can post any number of proficiency. Doesn't mean the kids can actually produce. It's a shame. I truely wish all kids could learn the same, but they don't no matter if they're rich or poor, black or white. Mixed in with that are kids who just don't want to learn period. Numbers can be misleading.

Gregory said...

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