Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools gears up its search for a new leader,  the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority is hiring its new chief this week.

Tom Murray, whose hiring will be voted on Wednesday,  has been offered a $275,000 salary,  an $8,000 car allowance and a yet-unspecified bonus opportunity starting in 2013.

The CMS board will negotiate a compensation package when it hires a superintendent this spring.  Expect it to be in the $300,000 range,  around what Peter Gorman was making when he left.  And expect howls from struggling taxpayers,  along with educators who make a fraction of that and have been without raises and bonuses for three years.

I'm not going to argue that the head educator should make more.  But I was struck by the contrast in responsibility between the two similarly-paid public jobs.

"The CRVA,  with a budget of $50 million and 200 employees,  manages the NASCAR Hall of Fame,   Bojangles' Coliseum,  Ovens Auditorium and the Charlotte Convention Center,"  April Bethea and Steve Harrison report.  "The authority also works on marketing and new business development programs."

CMS has a budget of over $1 billion and almost 18,000 employees.  It oversees about 170 schools educating more than 140,000 kids,  along with numerous other office and support buildings.

The school district's budget comes primarily from state,  county and federal money.  The CRVA's comes from taxes on hotel and motel rooms and a 1 percent tax on prepared food and drinks.


Wiley Coyote said...

Sooo...what's the point?

We could pay a Superintendent $650,000 per year and it won't change a thing - just like paying teachers based on some testing gobbledygook that's supposed to make a difference in what Little Johnny learns.....

Both manage businesses that are failing.

Larry said...

We are reading a story conjured and sold to the Observer from an individual who makes, say up to 100K, and has never managed more than a few people, in all most all likely hood.

Not any point to make here as I too dislike the CRVA and question the needs of the expenditures and over reach they seem to have in Charlotte.

Further, the Observer has used them as an example over the last year or so as to what is wrong in Charlotte, only to divert the non-observant citizens attention from the real leadership problems.

The Elected Officials are being protected by this handling and we need to focus on the real decline in our County and City.

Perhaps a new way of looking and reporting on CMS is needed so that real reporting on the needs of all areas of Charlotte, and especially the overlooked Mecklenburg County can be provided.

We invite the Charlotte Observer to expand their coverage with a new addition or adjutant who can do a minimal job of addressing all the bases, such Charter Schools impact, and other changes that have been lacking coverage.

Wiley Coyote said...

...by the way...

If we want to make the ultmate contrast here, the leader of the free world, who also manages a country that affects the lives of 350 million people, makes $400,000 per year.

Ann Doss Helms said...

Larry, let me guess -- you are volunteering for that coverage post?

Larry said...

Thanks for asking Ann, but I am not doing so. I have as one of your recent admonishments stories suggested one of those who has been there done that and was, as a conservative, ignored too many times.

The elite Observer would not allow anyone who is not indoctrinated in the current verve, to intrude in the hallowed pages.

So it will be business as usual as we see the agenda unfold, and unfold all to the tune of the decline in Charlotte Mecklenburg, led by the lack of jobs as our work force is being trained by our Charlotte Mecklenburg School system.

And we appreciate all you do for those who need the most help, and the group which is growing more and more, as Jenniffer was so happy to point out last night by using the graphic from the Observer.

Strange how this decline has taken place for decades under the control voting bloc held by the very party she supports so strongly.

But this is not about you, and we trust you as a professional understand. This is about the consumers of your product dropping the purchase in record numbers, mainly while not being served in our area of politics, or even our area of the County. Not the fact papers are relevant in our society any longer.

Anonymous said...

Relevant vs. irrelevant?

White men ranting on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone had a big ol' bowl of sour grapes for breakfast...


Anonymous said...

Taxpayers fed up perhaps?