Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Charlotte hosting business/education summit

Next week Charlotte will host the first of four national summits on how businesses can partner with public schools,  with the public-private Project LIFT partnership showcased.

The main sponsor is America's Promise Alliance, a coalition focused on improving graduation rates,  youth engagement,  early childhood programs and data analysis.  The Alliance has more than 400 partners,  including children's advocacy groups,  major foundations and a long list of professional, educational, business and governmental associations.

The agenda for the June 11-12 event includes speakers from around the country, as well as those from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and its business partners.  Business people and educators are invited to register for the free event.

The Charlotte event is co-hosted by the Foundation for the Carolinas,  a key player in the philanthropic coalition that's trying to raise $55 million to improve the nine Project LIFT schools.  Later sessions are planned for Boston, Denver and Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

If LIFT is involved, don't believe a word Watts or any of her supporters says. This is nothing but a fund raising event. Yes communities should get involved in children's educations; all children, at all schools.

Anonymous said...

Project L.I.F.T.?! My God we don't even know if it is successful - all they've done is spend money!!! This is so TYPICAL!

Anonymous said...

Its a plea to raise money for LIFT. Clearly what Ms. Watts and CMS had planned has not come to fruition on the funding piece. Business will get involved when its "all schools" just not a select group. Why would someone from Sharon Elementary or Cotswold fund LIFT as a business owner? Ms. Watts has stated how its to be spent and with whom. This will not be successful , but is a great dream of hers. Keith W. Hurley

Bill Stevens said...

Of course this is promo Ms. Watts Show. She is simply using this platform for some diversity office in some corporation where she can control where that company sends its community money.