Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next for Morrison: Personnel talks, church visits

Heath Morrison will spend a good bit of his visit to Charlotte talking to top staff and doing personnel interview  --  no surprise, given a recent principal shuffle and some vacancies in top administrative posts.

Morrison, who is finishing his work in Reno, Nev., before taking the helm of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools July 1, is in town Friday through Monday. On Sunday,  he's slated to visit Christ Lutheran and Friendship Missionary Baptist churches. Both have strong partnerships with CMS schools. And on Monday he'll drop in at the summer teacher conference.

Here's his full schedule:

Ann Clark and Andy Baxter
Personnel interviews
Tour departments with Ann Clark and Strategic Staffing principals
Executive staff
Dorothy Waddy and group
Hugh Hattabaugh
Hugh Hattabaugh and Sheila Shirley
Zone superintendents


Personnel interviews


Christ Lutheran Church service
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church service
Reception for Finnish educator
Dinner with John and Claire Tate


Summer Teacher Conference
Howard Haworth
George Battle and Earnest Winston
Jane Rhyne
Sheila Shirley and the finance department
Denise Watts
Belk Foundation dinner


Truth Seeker said...

Dr. Morrison should be talking to the staff who have left CMS BEFORE he talks to the current staff. Maybe the conversations wouild be different...

Anonymous said...

For him to agree to work with Ericka E-S proves he has a problem. Ericka must go!

Anonymous said...

Friendship Baptist runs DSS. They (and Denise) now run a $55 million slush fund lining many members' pockets. They are trying to tap into even more taxpayers' money (CMS's budget) so they can control staffing at more and more schools again lining more members' pockets.

Is anyone going to tell them to stand down?

Anonymous said...

6:38, what are you talking about? Lining members' pockets at FMBC? Denise who? What evidence do you have of this?

Just wondering, what is wrong with Ericka E-S 6:02?

Anonymous said...

8:24, ha, ha. Keep up man if you are going to participate in these blogs. Bolyn, WC and many others are well versed in the nepotism, sorority sister, buddie-buddie, wink-wink, under the table arrangements etc. in this school system, as well as local governments. As you saw today, the kickoff with the Governor at Thomasboro ES letting more and more birthers, too insulting to real parents to call these parents, off the hook for keeping their children up even when the government keeps giving them more amd more money but requiring no accountability. Rein in this government or the producer class will have nothing for themselves for supporting those that refuse to bear the responsibilty for their bad life decisions even when they havew been told over and over again not to make these bad decisions.

As a lot of people refuse to accept is that you have a less than 5% chance of living in ppoverty if you follow these 4 rules. one, graduate form high school. Two, get a job, any job. Three, get married before having children. And four, stay out of trouble with the lae.

Pretty simple stuff.

Anonymous said...

5. spell check

Kojo said...

6. no spell check on this forum

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see 9:50.

Anonymous said...

So the communications department can keep minute by minute track of Morrison, but loose the whereabouts of a top administrator?