Friday, November 30, 2012

CMS is hiring in HR

If you want to help Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools do a better job of recruiting staff and serving the folks they've got,  now's the time to put in an application.

Superintendent Heath Morrison is reorganizing the human resources department after three studies he commissioned identified that office as dysfunctional.  He announced today that will mean a number of new hires.  Among the jobs now posted are three executive directors  (salary range from about $82,000 to $105,000 a year),  a talent acquisition manager and two support team leaders ($62,000 to $79,000).

According to a news release,  the cost of new positions will be offset by cuts elsewhere.

A footnote for die-hard readers:  Despite the leadership shakeup, some traditions live on.  It's Friday afternoon and I'm waiting for school poverty numbers (already postponed by two weeks) and the leaders of the 22 new task forces.


Anonymous said...

Sorry , but the fact the Morrison describing the HR department as "dysfunctional" is somewhat funny. Wonder what he thought before he singed his payday contract? Surely his pal and fellow Broadie Pete Gorman warned him?

Wiley Coyote said...

I'm still waiting on my Zip Wing Rocket Glider from when I was 10...

....all the while kids are eating lunch and I'm sure they know who is eating for free.

I wonder if CMS will conduct a 3% audit?

Ann Doss Helms said...

Wiley, I've got the report up over on my subsidiary blog now:

Unknown said...

I am very impressed with schools in the Los Angeles area, but they just need new school furniture. I would send my kids there in a heart beat if that were to happen.

Wiley Coyote said...

I saw it... and as I said...what is the discrepancy rate (3% audit)?

Also, the percentage is based on total student enrollment but CMS only serves about 75,000 lunches per day.

From the CMS website...Each day 27,000 breakfasts and 75,000 lunches are served to children.

Almost 78,000 of the 143,600 students in preK-12 qualify for lunch subsidies to low-income families, used nationally to gauge student poverty levels.

Based on 143,000 and 78,000 "qualifying", that is 54%....but..

So if 78,000 qualify and CMS only makes 75,000 lunches and 27,000 breakfastes.....

Assuming the 78,000 who qualify do eat lunch and or breakfast, the percentage of students receiving aid versus meals served is 76.5%.

24,000 of the 102,000 meals evidently are being purchased.

The other 41,000 students must be bringing lunch or not eating at all.

Anonymous said...

I went online to apply today.

Closing date is 12-3-12

Great story and looks like they already know who CMeS is going hire solid qualified canidates.


Anonymous said...

My prediction is 2 african american folks with little to no experience. Kind of like the few folks Heath has already brought in and up the ranks via his Broad network.

Anonymous said...

Every week cafeteria "statements" are handed out to teachers to give to students in arrears of payment. These are addressed to The parents of....... If there are only 4 or 5 multiply the $2,3,5,10 by the homerooms and the schools to see what is going on. Sadly, the waste of time in preparing these is matched by our frustration watching them tossed. No knowledge on whether there is a Lunch Lady Repo Dept.

Anonymous said...

When I got sick the human resources people played it like I was faking it. They made it feel like CMS was no place for me. HR attempted to coach me into understanding and accepting the CMS cover up culture. Truth, not important, perception is what matters at CMS. That really sealed the deal. There is life after CMS. Note to CMS: omission is an act of deception.

BolynMcClung said...



Great City Schools recently did an eight point analysis of the Anchorage school district

Each of those points should be CMS Human Resource department goals.

1.))The human resources (HR) department maintains timely and consistent communication with principals, department heads, and employees, a fact that has contributed to a high level of customer satisfaction with service delivery. The communications office has also played a strong role in this internal communication.

2.)) The HR organizational structure and staffing levels are
appropriate-to-low for the department’s current functionality, generating a high degree of satisfaction both inside the department and from customers.

3.)) HR has an effective applicant tracking system, which has numerous user-friendly interfaces.

4.)) HR monitors attendance, correlates it with substitute usage, and provides regular reports on absences to schools and departments.

5.)) The HR department monitors turnover rates, communicates reasons for workforce attrition, and has addressed reasons for leaving, thereby contributing to a more stable work force.

6.)) HR focuses on efficiencies in its teacher recruitment and, based on past results, has eliminated all but five of its out-of-state job fairs.

7.)) Among initiatives to reduce employee benefits costs, HR required proof of all claimed dependents. This resulted in more than 500 claimed dependents being eliminated, thus reducing costs.

8.)) The executive director of HR reviews the department’s organizational structure annually and routinely reviews its work-flow processes for improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness

Wiley Coyote said...

7.)) Among initiatives to reduce employee benefits costs, HR required proof of all claimed dependents. This resulted in more than 500 claimed dependents being eliminated, thus reducing costs.

Do they only check a 3% sample?

Anonymous said...

Since CMS is continueing to fail would it not be easier to send our students to Fort Mill? Bypass State and go straight for a actual education. Then we can get rid of Bolyn as well. Or will the troll follow his ignorance to SC?

Anonymous said...

Why bad mouth Bolyn?

Anonymous said...

Hard core regulars here encourage you to conjure up the balls and manly courage to attach your REAL name to comments that disparage others who likely have an IQ well above plant life, unlike yours. Do us a favor, and go back to 3rd grade.

Anonymous said...

The three Executive Directors for HR could be announced tonight during the BOE meeting. For those inquiring minds that would like to know!