Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give thanks -- let's dance!

"The Gratitude Dance" recently popped up on a friend's Facebook page.  I've watched it several times,  and it always makes me grin.

At this time of year,  it's worth remembering that every single school has things going on that ought to make us dance.  If you've ever seen a student learn to read or suddenly realize that algebra makes sense, you might want to pump your arms and stomp your feet.  If you know a teacher who stays up late trying to craft a lesson, a parent modeling hard work and respect, a volunteer giving up precious time to have lunch with a student or a principal going the extra mile to make the staff feel good, go ahead and do a jig.  And yes, let's do a few steps for the public officials who give their best in an often-thankless job.

Hope (left) and Holly waiting their turn
I always get a personal kick out of meeting students who think journalism is cool.  Just before school let out for Thanksgiving break,  Superintendent Heath Morrison closed out his tour of 159 Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools with a news conference at Hawk Ridge Elementary. Among the crowd of reporters,  microphones and cameras stood fifth-graders Holly Wade and Hope Reynen.

Holly asked the superintendent about the best part of his job  (meeting young people, he said),  his inspiration for becoming a superintendent and how the Board of Education works.

"Do you ever feel nervous knowing that your decisions affect every school in CMS?"  she concluded.

Not exactly nervous,  Morrison said,  but  "I worry about it,  absolutely.  It's an incredible responsibility."

Hope handed him a copy of the Hawk Ridge News and they walked away beaming.  Holly said afterward she was plenty nervous,  but thrilled about getting the interview for their next edition.

A reporter in the making?  "It seems like fun,"  Holly said,  "and I like writing."

Yep. I'm doing the gratitude dance.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! We spend hours reading and searching the internet. Life is digital; however, we seem to forget that the people posting all this information are JOURNALISTS!

Thank you Ann for ALL you do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Heath, What if I am still tax paying american and want my kids to go to a good school? Safe and with great teachers who are happy to come to work at a normal bell time? Is that Country Day? Do we ake funding from you as tax payers? Do we break away from county? Oh go have fun at your parade since public speaking and dancing is all you have done since coming to town.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up, Francis.

Ann Doss Helms said...

Hey, this may be a record -- this post was up for more than 24 hours before getting a "CMS stinks" comment!

Anonymous said...

A teacher is on a 180 day contract. If they have not produced measurable results in 100 days they will surely be fired. Mr. Morrison, what are your measurable results in the First 100 days?

Anonymous said...

There will be 48 months of skewed data then he will leave the next year with a million dollar pension.

On to the next BROAD Flunkie

Anonymous said...

The only CMS employee dancing is LaTarza Henry. Promotion from the humble beginnings of a party planner. Where did my invitation go?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain the achievement gap versus the white flight?

Anonymous said...

I am a CMS teacher and there has been nothing to "DANCE" about for the last 5 years.

JR is dead and I dont feel so good either.

Anonymous said...

What is the incentive for some of these students to learn? Many of their parents receive government assistance for not having a job and not working.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are just now figuring out they are making less money now after the raise this year than before the pay freeze. HOW?

Loss of benefits such as dental and vision
Loss of ABC bonus
Loss of co-pay premium for 80/20 health insurance
Loss of COLA step pay
Loss of continuing education reimbursement.
Loss of increased retirement payout from a salary freeze
Standard rise in inflation on all costs and expenses of 3% per year

Lots to "DANCE" about for the frontline teacher

Anonymous said...

Heaths first 100 days and exactly how many more must we endure? The Broad playbook says another 2 years and 268 days of Re-Petey.

Anonymous said...

Most of the CMeS administrators are doing the dance of the WALKING DEAD.

Heath why arent you going door to door with the amway anymore? What were your performance measurements on this effort? Did you meet the PfP Goals? Did you meet the market adjustment standards?