Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mo says no to more dough

For the fifth year in a row, Guilford County Superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green has rejected a raise that the school board wanted to give him,  the News & Record reports.  Some of you will remember Green from his time as deputy superintendent and lawyer for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

The item on Green's contract extension was among the nuggets piled up in my inbox after two weeks of vacation.  And yes,  after two blog-free weeks I just couldn't resist that headline.

Here's a roundup of other tidbits:

*MeckEd has published its annual roundup on charter schools,  just as parents are preparing for the 2013 school selection season.

*Reader Deb McLean passed along this link to a letter from a teacher resigning from Union County Schools in disgust with North Carolina's focus on testing kids and rating teachers.

*Two CMS/Queens University partnerships to prepare principals --  Leaders for Tomorrow and the School Executive Leadership Academy  --  have been recognized by the Alliance to Reform Education Leadership,  part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

*UNCC math professor Harold Reiter has been honored for his work with MATHCOUNTS and other efforts to develop math skills among younger students.  Reiter, who deserves extra credit for his patience in explaining math to journalists, received the UNC Board of Governors award for public service.

*And if you're looking for an Election Day smile,  watch this video of Heather England's third graders at Smithfield Elementary singing "Vote Me Maybe," a takeoff on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."


Wiley Coyote said...

No tidbits from CMS on the 2012 School Lunch numbers in your pile of mail?

BolynMcClung said...
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BolynMcClung said...


The school board was surprised several weeks ago when our own Mo asked them to conjecture on 2017 CMS style. It was like nine 1940's kids looking at the Sears Christmas Wishbook. So much to want. So little in the piggybank.

Well, when Santa moves the North Pole to Ballantyne, then all those members can conveniently drop-off all their Dear Santa letters at one of the many Harris-Teeters south of Hwy 51.

Don't be surprised if when the good Super releases the results of his 100 day trek through the Mecklenburg desert seeking educational truth, if he doesn't suggest how well aligned are the community and the Board’s 2017 view.

Which brings to mind one of the great warnings in life; …the first thing to turn green in the Spring is Christmas gold.

Bolyn McClung
Pineville(west of Ballantyne)

Anonymous said...

Mo can be our next super at CMS. Give it 24 months maybe. Bolyn just be glad your in Mecklenburg county or your little town on Pineville would not even have a school.

Anonymous said...

I've heard rumors of Wake County being interested in Mo for superintendent.

Anonymous said...

He simply cannot pass up the opening at CMS. Its a world class city with a world class opening. Simply look at the current leadership we just paid hundreds of thousands for. Mo will come the Chamber will beg him.

Anonymous said...

I quit. I am resigning my position as a teacher in the state of North Carolina—permanently. I am quitting without notice (taking advantage of the “at will” employment policies of this state). I am quitting without remorse and without second thoughts. I quit. I quit. I quit!
I refuse to be led by a top-down hierarchy that is completely detached from the classrooms for which it is supposed to be responsible.
I will not spend another day under the expectations that I prepare every student for the increasing numbers of meaningless tests.
I refuse to be an unpaid administrator of field tests that take advantage of children for the sake of profit.
I will not spend another day wishing I had some time to plan my fantastic lessons because administration comes up with new and inventive ways to steal that time, under the guise of PLC meetings or whatever. I’ve seen successful PLC development. It doesn’t look like this.
Wow !! this sounds exactly like “Project Lift”
Thank you Kris L. Nielsen for “A letter from a disgusted teacher:
I QUIT” Monroe, NC

Ann Doss Helms said...

Wiley, I'm told school lunch numbers will be released end of next week.

Wiley Coyote said...

Thanks Ann...

Anonymous said...

The truly sad litany of educational fazoo that Ms. Nielsen listed is so true about CMS and, unfortunately, accelerating the demise of what little reputation the state had nationwide. Her description of school hierarchies just left out the most important administrative degree; CYA.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Neilson words sound like most teachers I know. I sat in a day long meeting today presented by downtown folks who are clueless about what happens in the school building. More demands and paperwork to justify their existence. I hope Morrison really reads what the school based staff feels about the downtown crowd in the surveys. Every teacher I asked said they were brutally honest in their feelings. Now what will he really do?

Anonymous said...

KIPP Charlotte spends $9,800 per-pupil? Where does this charter get the dough?

Anonymous said...

CMS is were the dough comes from . And the charter can pick and choose its students making grades higher. No FRL and kids who want to learn for the most part. Amazing huh?

Wiley Coyote said...

Mo may say no to more dough, but you better hold on to your wallet in Mecklenburg County after last night.

The Observer has already begun the drum beat for the Board of County Commissioners quoting: (to) "theoretically make it easier for the party to push through some spending or other initiatives in coming years."

CMS will soon be flush with money.

I would also say that the idea of splitting up CMS into parts also died last night.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? KIPP primarily serves low-income/minority kids. This is the mission and focus of this national charter which was founded by 2 former TFA teachers. Most charters per-pupil expenditures are LESS than CMS. Some of the per-pupil expenditures at some charters are a bit surprising. They are much higher than I thought.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wiley. Splitting up CMS into separate districts is double-dead in the water. That dog don't hunt after last night but I never thought the idea was reasonably possible given Charlotte's public school history anyway.

Ann Doss Helms said...

The state report cards have been updated and give per-pupil spending info for districts and charters: http://www.ncreportcard.org/src/

Actually, many charters spend more than CMS on average, especially those with high poverty levels (which qualify for federal Title I money) and/or those with strong fund-raising programs. I haven't checked KIPP's latest numbers, but I think it would qualify on both counts. It's also worth noting that CMS per-pupil spending varies widely by school, with smaller and higher-poverty schools tending to be much higher than the district average.

Anonymous said...

Re: Charters. Interesting info. Lake Norman Charter's per-pupil expenditures are thousands more than CMS suburban schools receive. Lake Norman Charter doesn't serve a primarily low-income or minority population. Neither does Queens Grant, Scholars or Socrates.

missE said...

Thanks for writing for my class on your blog! :) we are currently in first. Voting ends tomorrow at 12.