Friday, July 12, 2013

CMS: California weekend wasn't on taxpayer tab

A reader emailed to ask about a recent business trip Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools administrators made to California.  They left on Friday,  this reader said,  for meetings that started on Monday.  He wanted to know who was paying for the weekend.

The reader is mostly right.  Superintendent Heath Morrison,  Deputy Superintendent Ann Clark, School Performance Chief Kelly Gwaltney,  Learning Services Chief Valerie Truesdale and Central Learning Community Superintendent Kit Rea went to California on Friday,  June 28, to learn more about using technology to "design schools of choice,"  said CMS Communication Chief Kathryn Block. There was a meeting on Friday,  she said,  with most of the business done Monday and Tuesday.

The district spent $6,005 for airfare, car rental and lodgings,  Block said,  but over the weekend the administrators were on their own for lodging and meals.

The trip included meetings with IDEO,  a Silicon Valley consulting firm that has worked with San Francisco schools;  the superintendent and school board members in Napa Valley public schools;  and Apple,  which is heavily involved in digital education.  Block said one benefit of the trip is that Apple is sending staff to lead a  "transformation summit"  for CMS principals in August,  at company expense.


Anonymous said...

They should have driven up to Mooresville and saved a whole bunch of cash.

Wiley Coyote said...

What is technology that can "design schools of choice,"?

To me that makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Sending STAFF?????? WTF if your not in front of kids you don't need to leave the county. Principals are going to a conference sponsored by Apple????? Seriously???? Let me guess..... Then these principals will return to their schools and show the rest of the staff how to incorporate technology into the classroom?? Give me a break....Here is the best part. These principals will see all this awesome technology, their heads will spin in wonderment, they will get so excited and then come back and have those very expectations for teachers to be using this technology but no teachers will have ever been trained or even exposed to these great new advances and their observations will be listed as NOT PROFICIENT.... CLOWNS

Anonymous said...

The first poster is accurate as the great city to the north mooresville is a national role model school for technology. Why even Mr. Obama himself visited this model school. They also have a incredible leader that CMS over looked last year. That would have saved some more cash for the budget oh well. Keith W. Hurley

Wiley Coyote said...


The sentence says using technology to "design schools of choice,"

I don't take that to mean how can CMS design schools to USE technology. Choice is thrown into the mix.

What choice(s)?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a party!!!!!! Who wouldn't want to travel with that crew??

Anonymous said...

I see CMS's upper staff starting to create their consultant resumes.

First of all, you must travel by jet. Just driving 30 minutes up the highway does not count.

Second, you have to travel over the weekend to some very ppular locations.

Third, you have ro rub elbows with well known corporates as well as school systems with little resemblance to your student makeup.

Anonymous said...

I think they're talking about schools that incorporate digital technology into an academic theme, like they're doing at Cochrane, McClintock and probably many other schools. That makes families more likely to choose those schools, either as magnets or home schools.